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The history of Ottella is over a hundred years long.

The company was started by Lodovico Montresor, father of Francesco and Michele. A wine entrepreneur linked to the values of the land and a passionate collector of works of art, Lodovico continued the production of wines in Lugana undertaken by his father Giovanni, and even before that, by his grandfather, his namesake, Lodovico.

Already at the beginning of the twentieth century Giovanni Battista Perez mentions it in the book "The province of Verona and its wines, 1900" as the only production reality of Lugana wine from Verona as early as 1905.

Ottella is today a reality of 90 hectares in Lugana, in the most suitable areas of the denomination, recognized and appreciated internationally for the quality of its wines. And a new cellar, an original project, with a contemporary feel. The building, with clean and essential lines, is completely immersed in a real green oasis and in the surrounding wine-growing landscape.

A project where the teachings and values handed down from father to son are reflected: ethical value and aesthetic value. Ethical value understood as an expression of positive values such as respect for people, valorization of the territory and the surrounding landscape. Aesthetic value that translates into love for beauty, in a pure concept of quality.