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Green Pass Golf is the largest golf network in Italy: it involves more than 5000 golfers and over 250 golf clubs.

The project aims to promote the affiliated golf courses and it’s partners through effective and integrated marketing tools and by organizing golf events and trips so that the owner of Green Pass Card can benefit by using discounts and concessions.

Golfers who choose Green Pass Card every year can take advantage of discounts and promotions in golf courses, in partner structures and with business partners, as well as engaging race circuits with exciting finals and organized trips to discover the most beautiful and breathtaking golf destinations.

The success of Green Pass Golf is due to its young and passionate team, which works with enthusiasm and professionalism to always guarantee an excellent and punctual service, always ready to give its best for a sport, which has also become a philosophy of life.

With Green Pass Golf, join the community of the most numerous golfers in Italy and discover the golf courses of the Bel Paese. Save up to 50% on green fees, participate in our exciting itineraries and travel with us to discover the most spectacular itineraries.

Francesco Di Pietro

managing director

Italian English of origin, he owes his love for this sport to his English half, which he practiced with enthusiasm and dedication since adolescence.
After obtaining a degree in Labour and Political Science, he decided to pursue a career following his greatest passion.

Beatrice Corno

communication manager

Born in the charming Brianza, with a Degree in Communication and experience in the world of events, she discovered golf by chance and was immediately fascinated by this sport that links consistency and obstinacy to green and naturalistic landscapes.

Cosa facciamo

Il golf è il nostro motore, ogni nostra attività ha al centro questo sport meraviglioso e tutti gli attori che gli ruotano intorno: golfisti, golf club e partner. Un sistema integrato capace di fornire occasioni di incontro e soluzioni mirate.


Al servizio di Golf Club e Partner, i nostri strumenti consentono di raggiungere il vostro target in maniera diretta ed efficace



Per risparmiare senza rinunciare al divertimento, due formule pensate per ogni tipologia di golfista



I nostri circuiti sono un’opportunità per tutti i golfisti di incontro, gioco e competizione, con finali strepitose



Scoprire i campi da golf più belli in Europa e nel mondo in viaggi organizzati in cui pensare solo allo svago