Tentamus Group in Italy: experience, professionalism and dedication to food safety and BPL.

The strength of a Group that wants to bring in the local territories, the global competence of an international Group.

Tentamus GMBH is a global network of specialized laboratories which, since 2011, has been working for quality and safety in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.
A House of Brands that, to date, has more than 85 companies worldwide, each of which is a market leader in its sector.

Through our network of laboratories, we have the ability to satisfy the increasing demands of our customers.
Our commitment, many years of experience, highly technological laboratory facilities and scientific methods allow us to provide a very high quality and just in time service.

At the momenti, in Italy, we are present with 8 specialized laboratories in the sector
Food and agriculture and BPL.

Today, the companies belonging to the Tentamus Group in Italy share know-how with partner laboratories from all over the world, bringing the global competence of an international Group to local territories.


A spinnaker sail, sailing, among the waves, at sunrise:
these are the four parts that form our logo and represent the strength and stability necessary to "navigate" around the world at maximum speed to always be close to our customers.

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