"A dish must be healthy, good and beautiful ... first conquer the sight and then surprise the palate."

The unmistakable style of chef Alex is found in every dish of his fusion cuisine, the result of a continuous search for the perfect combination of excellent raw materials and almost maniacal aesthetic care, in an emotional journey that first passes from the eyes and then explodes to the palate.

A gastronomic proposal that takes the form of an itinerary of tastes that combine internationality and typically Italian and Mediterranean flavors and aromas; as in his particular "Mediterranean sushi" which combines the techniques and the art of plating Japanese cuisine with the products of the traditional cuisine of the Bel Paese, such as pistachios, basil, olives and capers.

At Vespucci Milano, in via Privata Gerolamo Chizzolini, 2, the Chef's style finds its apex in a more gourmet, more innovative and refined proposal, more suited to the most demanding palates and accustomed to being tempted by flair and creativity. In the Vespucci restaurants in Ispra, in Via Lungo Lago Amerigo Vespucci, 78, and in Arona, in Piazza del Popolo, 15, the most touristic and holiday destinations, the gastronomic proposal adapts to the "port" that hosts them with a proposal that also includes salads and first courses, not just seafood.