Green Pass Card: Premium version free for one year


MatchinGolf is a Social Network dedicated to golfers which, through an innovative smartphone application, allows for easier and faster management of your competitions.

But not only!
Thanks to the creation of a real community of golfers, MatchinGolf will give you the opportunity to create customized teams regardless of the "match on the board", taking advantage of the desire to get to know each other among players combined with the curiosity of trying a new course in pleasant company.
Through the app, you can identify, in a simple and intuitive way, the most suitable player for each match, using filters on age, gender, game handicap or membership of a golf association in the sector.

MatchinGolf and its community will allow you to take advantage of the various business opportunities, knowledge, challenge and fun among the thousands of traveling golfers who often choose to spend the day in a club exclusively based on the proposed competition and not on the opportunity to know and support the personal and professional skills of the players.

And thanks to the innovative Premium function (free for one year to Green Pass Golf members!), you will have the opportunity to choose your playmates also based on profession or work activity, to make the most of your time on the green combining business and fun!

With MatchinGolf you can always have your matches just a click away, personalizing each match with the photos of the day and communicating in real time in chat directly with your playmates.
Thanks to the personalized MatchinGolf calendar, you will always have the history of your matches and fellow players challenged on the greens available.

Choose to stop anonymous and boring teams composed on a case-by-case basis!

Choose the first and exclusive golfing community that combines golf, business and fun!

Choose MatchinGolf… .and hit the hole in the first match!