We are new - After an adequate period of product testing, technical and commercial preparation and organization, just a few years ago, we announced the birth of GOLFINGER in Verona during an Italian Golf Exhibition.
We presented, in that seat, a first range of trolleys, receiving the baptism on the field by the President of the Federation, dr. Franco Chimenti, and the greeting visit of a very young new champion, Matteo Manassero.
In light of the recognition that the public and our customers have reserved for us, the range has been expanded and completed by ever innovative proposals in the field of golf equipment and accessories.

We are young - Young in the ideas we try to implement in our company. Young people in the new marketing systems, with attention to detail and customer service needs. Young in attractive design, characteristic of all our products, to which we combine the well-known peculiarities of technology, reliability and economy that golfers require.

We are sporty - Our passion for golf was born and continues from competitive sports and amateur fun. The GOLFINGER trolleys, equipment and accessories are born precisely from the needs that we, firsthand, like our competitive golfers or simply enthusiasts, find every day on the field.

We are golfers