TwoDots is a registered trademark of X-JOY Srl, a manufacturer and distributor founded by the partners after many years of experience in the video game market. With a marked sensitivity towards new technologies, attention to sales trends and an excellent ability to meet user needs, X-JOY has been able to consolidate over the years a leadership position in the distribution on the national accessories market and gadgets related to the world of video games and consumer electronics.

It is therefore in 2014 with the start of production and distribution under its own brand TwoDots, that X-JOY, through the continuous presence of the brand on the shelves of specialized stores and the best consumer electronics chains and GDO, manages to give an identification to their innovative choices and to ensuring customers a constant, coherent and convenient offer. Critical success factors of TwoDots are the attitude to understand in advance the market trends of new consumer technologies and the ability to interpret them with a proposal of products that enjoy an ideal timing in terms of quality / cost.