Studio Mazzini Chiropractic Center


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We are active since 1998 treat successfully patients with numerous diseases including: herniated discs, disc protrusion, chronic back pain, disc problems, sciatica, neck pain, stiff neck, headache, cefalea, symptoms of whiplash, back pain, balance disorder, dizziness, tinnitus, problems related to bad posture, scoliosis, joint pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, problems related to growth, kyphosis, flat feet, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, tension orf the dura mater, functional neurological problems from stroke, insomnia, chronic stress related problems.

Our treatment method integrates chiropractic knowledge, posture, physiatry, physiotherapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine and chiropractic, Back Schoool, Zilgrei method, herbal medicine and nutritional biochemistry, neurology, radiology and kinesiology. Sometimes the treatments can be integrated, because the programs are tailored to the individual patient needs. We create individual care pathways with the sole aim of encouraging self-healing.

Treatments are specific, painless and safe, made by experienced specialists.

We are specialised in treating patients with multiple disc herniations. People come from all Europe and may follow cicles of treatments to avoid surgery and succesfully heal naturally.


Via De Amicis 25
20123 Milano, Lombardia (Italy)

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