We believe that the holidays are right, and the rights that no joking matter. Our "job" goes beyond design and distribute catalogs filled with beautiful photos: to create a holiday is a great responsibility. We take care of your free time.

We believe we have to act every day as responsibility, reliability and transparency. Our reputation is our most valuable asset.

We believe that buying a vacation should be supported by a professional and consultative approach: why we provide you with 30 years of experience, 300 professionals and a distribution network of 10,000 travel agencies in Italy.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the prime objective and we believe it can be achieved only through quality control. For this measure and evaluate constantly the satisfaction of our guests, starting from the smiles we get to the results of the analysis of customer satisfaction that we certify to external specialist firms.

We believe that our products should be really good and responsive to the needs of those who choose them. There is a perfect holiday for all: there is the holiday that's right for each of us.

We believe that through the quality of our company is capable of ensuring sustainable growth, in addition to ensuring a bright future for all employees of our group tour.

Your smile is our business. The holiday is a serious matter.


Via degli Abeti 24
61122 Pesaro Pesaro Urbino, Marche (Italy)


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